There’s a phrase every American has heard time and again, in movies, on television, in music. Like all true things, it’s been repeated over drinks and when the drinks are over, above the bar crowd’s din: “You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here.” And like all things true, the phrase’s origins are vast and unattributable, and its lifetime is unlimited.

There’s always one more drink with friends, more life to celebrate, countless second winds in our sails. Living dreams. Young blood. But we can’t stay here. Not when Derek Henderson invites us to New Zealand to present a place the world forgot. Not while we’re watching UFC bantamweight champion TJ Dillashaw raise his belt and swear an oath to be the greatest pound-for-pound mixed martial artist of all time (pg. 92). Not while 26-year-old Mickey Gall is the loudest voice in one of professional sports’ biggest stables (pg. 130), nor when the 23-year-old Geron McKinley leads a charity movement (pg. 140). Making issue 10 involved some very late good nights, going from place to place, talking film with a young Hollywood powerhouse (pg. 104), and paying studio visits to European transplants growing LA’s art scene (pg. 26 and pg. 164). Now that it’s finished, there’s more reason to celebrate.

But we can’t stay here.

— Erik Rasmussen

*In the seventies, High Times magazine staff purportedly coined the term “at-large” for an editor who was allegedly in the office so rarely it brought to mind the “Wanted” posters of the Wild West.


Vol. 9
“The American Issue”


Dignity is only in leisure