Pythagorean Theorem: 27 words
Archimedes Principle: 67 words
The Ten Commandments: 299 words
The Gettysburg Address: 268 words
The Declaration of Independence: 1,341 words
The U.S. Constitution: 4,447 words
(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction – The Rolling Stones: 256 words

At Large: 2 words that set the new standard for contemporary publishing across multimedia, from printed matter to web-based interface and up-to-the-minute social media. At Large is a first class seat on an irreverent ride through form and content, fact and fiction, investigation and conversation, aesthetics and adventure, becoming without being, anywhere, anytime—it’s a state of mind. 

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Fabien Kruszelnicki, Akiko Kurematsu, Benjamin Lennox, Kevin Mackintosh, Cameron McCool,
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Duane Raleigh, Giampaolo Sgura, Carter Smith, Magnus Unnar, Philippe Vogelenzang, Björn Wallander, Kierston Wareing, Albert Watson, Bruce Weber,
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