Manfredi Giaocchini’s Westlands

Photography and Text by
Manfredi Gioacchini
Art,  Travel
Manfredi Giaocchini in the American West

I started traveling into the American west to find a balance between what I was doing and what I was supposed to be doing in life and to discover why some consider theses the “holy lands”.

While capturing their raw “wildness” I quickly realized the untouched lands of the west were more than “holy”, they were magical. From the moment you are inside or surrounded by its unrivaled beauty and power, you feel its importance and how much we all are a part of it.

Some of the roads you drive or paths you walk, are surrounded by endless upon endless lands, when I say endless, I mean hundreds upon thousands of miles without any evidence sight of a human landscape, and only the landscapes lived by other things, making you feel that there is untouched space in the world waiting for anybody and everybody. Not even in wildest part of Africa will you see something of equal solitude and magnificence, and because it is in the lands of the American West do you then connect and discover how it makes its inevitable existence that much more incredible. 

This connection is and has been linked by the works of artists, whose own connection manipulates those landscapes, while creating pieces of art. Visiting those pearls of works is like being in a marble cave where you can feel the silence of its rocks and forces you into further connection with the surrounding.

There is no conclusion to nature, but simply a growing relationship between us… once you realize it, you are naturally accepting it, and so capturing it makes you move in the same pace… and follow in its right order.