Voilà Bonneville

Photography and Text by
Julien Roubinet & Pauline Bellocq
“There’s no one stupid out here but a lot of crazy people”.


Such are the words of Chuck Neas, who has driven from Amarillo, TX to the Bonneville Salt Flats for the last four years for a chance to set a land speed record. The salt flats are a densely packed salt pan located in Tooele County in northwestern Utah. In 2013, Pauline Bellocq and Julien Roubinet published the book Voilà Bonneville, a photo essay of the flats and their fascination with the races and people that converge there every September for the past fifty years. Racing the Bonneville Salt Flats dates back as early as 1914 and this book is both stunningly beautiful and hauntingly surreal, reminiscent of Mad Max or possibly landing on the moon…

Maybe what the locals mean by “catching salt fever”.

-David Bedwell