Map quest

Written by
Manfredi Gioacchini
Two brothers mark their journey with photography and topography


Since I began photography I’d always wanted to work with my brother, Brando. I felt there was something missing from my photographs that he, as an artist, could add. 

Brando and I have spent the past ten years living on different continents. But recently we both traveled back to Italy: Brando had finished his latest works from Japan, and I returned from a photo essay in Africa.

Inspired by Bruno Munari, Keith Haring and, of course, Jasper Johns, Brando’s white paint on a black canvas is like a note dancing along the stave, finding new patterns, new sounds—like a pioneer in search of new lands.

My photography has a similar meaning. This collection of shots was created between South Africa, Tanzania, and the American West, which I wanted to represent as a “system” we live within.  

Combining our work, we’ve realized that it was more than a shared vision. Together we created a map, an atlas, in order to find our way along our individual journeys through this wild world.