Baxter Of California

Written by
David Bedwell

Essentially the Best in Men’s Grooming


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Photo by Robin Broadbent


Baxter of California, the uber cool laid back brand of men’s grooming products, has everything a man needs.  If you don’t already know the story, here’s your brief. Baxter Finley founded the company in 1965 with the development of a single product: Super Shape, a conditioner for dry skin. When Mr. Finley couldn’t find a product, made specifically for men, to treat his own skin condition, he made one. As the products evolved, so did the company.  Mr. Finley developed the brand’s core. Its second owner—a family friend who grew up working in the Baxter offices—took the company to the next level by updating its logo, modernizing the product packaging and opening the Baxter Finley Barber Shop in Los Angeles, all while continuing to add new products based on the needs of the customers. Today, Baxter sets the standard in the essentials market with product offerings for every inch of a mans body; from the Hair, Body, Skin and Shave 1.2.3 Kits, to daily face washes; to the Pomade Mixing Kit; Blue Steel straight razor, and everything in between. Baxter has you covered.

Now owned by L’Oreal, Baxter of California plans to open new markets with eponymous barber shops and a range of grooming products “tailored to a man’s needs”. This just may be one of those times when big buys little and makes it better. L’Oreal has strictly enforced the original vision of this company and its previous owners…Bravo.

Earlier this year, and in collaboration with The Surfrider Foundation, Baxter launched a “Best of Baxter” box.  The limited edition box and included candle are designed with original artwork by the surfer and artist Tyler Warren. In it is a mix of the best products they currently offer, and it’s not so easy to find.  However, take a minute to try different things and see what the “best of Baxter” is for you. Oh, and you’re gonna need a bigger box.