Written by
David Bedwell
Aquatalia launches their men’s footwear collection


Covering the launch of Aquatalia’s new men’s footwear collection, I wasn’t sure what to expect or, for that matter, what I was going to write. I’ve known their women’s collections for the past twenty years and have had great respect for the brand. Luxury products with high functionality can sometimes be hard to come by, and men, believe it or not, can be a little too critical sometimes when it comes to footwear, especially from a company that has saturated the women’s market.

With my deadline fast approaching, I found myself hurrying through Manhattan this past Saturday afternoon only to have to battle the storm conditions of the approaching hurricane Joaquin. Stuck in midtown under a construction awning, I waited for the rain to pass, knowing it might not happen as quickly as I’d like. Then it hit me. I ran directly back to my car and reached into the trunk for the Aquatalia Philip waxy suede chelsea boot I had recently purchased from Saks Fifth Avenue and put them on. My usual choice of footwear for a summer rain shower is a pair of flip-flops. Today wouldn’t be one of those days.


Aquatalia Philip Chelsea Boot in grey.



I own many pair of luxury shoes, including several English bench-made boots, and I’ve come to expect the break in period to be a commitment to say the least. But from the moment I put on the Philip they seemed molded to my feet. I managed to make my way through the rest of the day with confidence that on an uncomfortable day I could proceed with comfortable, yet beautiful footwear, two important factors. Aquatalia is credited with creating the first luxury weatherproof shoe, and through the storm my sockless feet remained dry, even if the rest of my attire did not.

If you are looking for luxury and high functionality, this is a company that knows how to deliver. In the pyramid of shoes and boots in my closet, these will be top ranked.

Now I have my eye on the Oden in olive.


Aquatalia Oden wingtip brogues in olive.