Open Market: New Original

Written by
David Cerami
Open Market celebrates the Meatpacking District with Santigold
Santigold Open Market

Santigold performing at Open Market: New Original kick off event.  Photo by Max Lakner/



The Meatpacking District’s Open Market: New Original event, which kicked off Thursday night, marked a celebratory weekend with special gatherings and happenings continuing through Sunday. A Manhattan neighborhood historically known for processing and distributing beef throughout the city, the Meatpacking District is now marked by its bustling commerce and creativity. Colleagues, coworkers and companies from the area came together to highlight one of the most vibrant hubs of food, nightlife, and hospitality in New York.

With a performance by Santigold at Highline Stages, attendees buzzed with excitement for what would be a superb performance. To tide guests over before she took the stage, food from the area’s hot spots dished their best, from burgers by the legendary Bill’s Burger, to hearty pies by downtown fixture Bubby’s. The evening was the perfect combination of the old and new paying homage to what brought them together while also looking forward to the future of the Meatpacking District.

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