A lesson in



Don’t tell Brice Gaeta that he’s just an ‘ICM guy’. Before you’ve even rattled off about your talented pal he simply must hear, Gaeta has already worked you into a puddle of existential strife when you realize he outworks you in every way. 

Certainly, Gaeta is a high powered music agent at ICM Partners where his contributions populate your favorite streaming platforms. But never forget, while you’re Netflix and chilling with a pint of mint gelato to one of his projects (‘The Handmaids Tale’, Marvel’s ‘Luke Cage’), Gaeta is pumping iron across town to the beat of his own drum. A new beat, to the tune of Briceology. An ideology Gaeta anchors his work ethic around, but also a budding movement designed to engage and enhance those who seek fitness on a higher level. 

Even a few hours spent with Brice leaves one pining for their own self improvement. And in that moment, just as you’re ready to turn to him and proclaim your new personal life plan, he’s already off chowing down a scheduled meal while closing a deal on loud speaker as more weight is added to the squat bar.

Also appearing in this film are Ali Shaheed Muhammad (of A Tribe Called Quest) and Adrian Younge, who together form The Midnight Hour. Both are frequent collaborators with Brice. Their track “Black Beacon” was provided as music for the film.